Cameron Diaz Breaks Silence on Alleged On-Set Discord with Jamie Foxx


Cameron Diaz unequivocally dismissed rumors and reports suggesting tension and diva behavior on the set of the Netflix movie “Back in Action” involving her co-star Jamie Foxx. Speculations had surfaced, alleging Foxx’s on-set tantrums and disruptive behavior had adversely affected Diaz’s return to acting.

These rumors circulated after reports claimed Foxx’s behavior had caused Diaz to reconsider her retirement from the industry. However, Diaz refuted these claims during an appearance on the “Lipstick on the Rim” podcast with Molly Sims, vehemently opposing the negative portrayal of their working environment. She expressed frustration at the baseless accusations, stating that Foxx was actually a supportive figure and the cheerleader for the entire crew, beloved by everyone.

Diaz lavished praise on Foxx, emphasizing his professionalism, talent, and the enjoyable experience of working alongside him. She vehemently denied any tension between them, dismissing the reports as unfounded and explained her dismay at the false portrayal of their working relationship. Foxx, taking the high road, chose to ignore the gossip surrounding their supposed discord.


Their camaraderie was not new; Diaz and Foxx had previously shared the screen in the 2014 film “Annie,” showcasing their collaboration and admiration for each other’s abilities. Foxx, in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” lauded Diaz’s remarkable talent and underscored the innovative approach taken to bring her back to acting. He attributed Diaz’s return to the promise of an enjoyable filming experience, a prospect that ultimately persuaded her to re-enter the spotlight.

Diaz had initially retired from acting, prioritizing her roles as a wife and mother. She spoke candidly about her initial reluctance to return to the industry but felt reassured and supported by her husband, Benji Madden, who encouraged and backed her decision to rekindle her career. Her return to acting, particularly with Foxx in “Back in Action,” marked a significant comeback after nearly a decade-long hiatus.

Ultimately, Diaz’s return to Hollywood was fueled by a newfound balance between her professional endeavors and personal life, facilitated by the support of her family, and the promise of an enjoyable and fulfilling work experience alongside Jamie Foxx.