Call of Duty: Warzone Community Demands Removal of MW2 Guns: Here’s Why


The Call of Duty: Warzone community is embroiled in a heated debate regarding the weapon distribution in the game, particularly focusing on the inclusion of Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) guns. This discussion gained traction following the release of the Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Season 1 update, which introduced MW2 weapons into Warzone and significantly impacted the game’s meta.

Remove MWII Guns Completely.
byu/Henry_Sabondo inCODWarzone


A Reddit post by user Henry_Sabondo ignited the conversation, expressing disappointment with the performance of MW2 weapons in Warzone. Criticisms were directed at these weapons for their high Time to Kill rates, poor visual recoil, and limited mobility compared to the powerful MW3 arsenal now available. Some players speculated that the inclusion of these MW2 weapons might serve as a strategy to incentivize players to purchase MW3.

Many in the community echo these sentiments, suggesting that developers should either remove the older MW2 weapons or update them to compete with the potent MW3 loadouts. Players who favored these weapons previously lamented their reduced effectiveness in the current meta. However, they acknowledge the complexity of balancing these weapons and suggest that removing them might be the most viable solution.

Conversely, another faction of players defends certain MW2 weapons like the ISO 9mm, Fennec, and MCPR-300, citing their viability within the current Warzone meta. While agreeing that some weapons underperform, they argue against a blanket removal, suggesting that a complete elimination of these weapons might render paid skins obsolete. Instead, they propose a compromise of removing MW2 weapons from ground loot while allowing them to remain selectable in player loadouts.

The community is divided on this issue, with various viewpoints regarding the fate of MW2 weapons in Warzone. Some advocate for removal or rebalancing, while others argue for the preservation of select MW2 weaponry within the game’s loadout options. How the developers address these concerns and potential changes to the game’s weapon distribution remains uncertain at this time.