Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Players Express Discontent with the Game’s Time to Kill (TTK)


In recent times, a contingent of fans has taken to social media platforms to express their discontent with the Time to Kill (TTK) in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3). This wave of criticism adds to the ongoing player dissatisfaction that has surrounded Modern Warfare 3 since its release on November 10.

Time to kill, as its name suggests, is a derived statistic indicating how long it takes for a given weapon in Call of Duty to eliminate an enemy combatant. This metric is primarily influenced by two fundamental stats: damage and fire rate, or rounds per minute (RPM) in the series’ terminology. While this is the theoretical framework, some MW3 players began scrutinizing the game’s TTK during the beta phase, describing it as either excessively prolonged or frustratingly inconsistent.

These complaints have persisted beyond the game’s full-fledged release, with a vocal subset of the player community continuing to voice their grievances on social media. They argue that the TTK significantly diminishes the overall gaming experience. One notable opinion, shared by Reddit user nickbarbanera1 and gaining traction on the largest MW3 subreddit, goes so far as to assert that the unpredictable time to kill completely “ruins” gunfights. This perspective also suggests that TTK inconsistencies may be partially attributed to poor hit detection, possibly stemming from connectivity issues.


Despite these criticisms, some players have offered alternative perspectives. Some speculate that certain TTK issues could be attributed to Sledgehammer’s failure to enhance MW2 weapons to accommodate the Operator health increase in MW3. Notably, while recent Call of Duty titles had players with 100 HP in non-Hardcore multiplayer modes, MW3 raised the health pool to 150. However, it is worth noting that many recent Reddit threads criticizing the game’s time to kill have high comment-to-upvote ratios, indicative of controversial topics, suggesting that a considerable number of players are content with MW3’s TTK as it stands.

For those seeking a different experience, Modern Warfare 3 Hardcore mode presents a workaround to the lengthier Time to Kill. Though this choice comes with the sacrifice of losing most of the Heads-Up Display (HUD), including staples like the minimap and ammo counter, it offers a considerably faster-paced gameplay experience. Hardcore mode not only delivers less resilient enemies but also rewards players with significantly more XP, making it an optimal choice for those aiming to grind weapon camos in Modern Warfare 3. The reduced TTK in Hardcore mode is attributed to the fact that Hardcore Operators possess only 30 HP instead of the standard 150. It remains uncertain whether Sledgehammer intends to address the game’s TTK through future updates.