Calgary Flames’ pursuit of Jake DeBrusk ignites NHL trade talks, with potential to transform team dynamics


The NHL offseason is abuzz with anticipation as trade rumors gain momentum, and all eyes are on the potential trade discussions between the Boston Bruins and the Calgary Flames. Of particular interest is the Flames’ keen interest in acquiring forward Jake DeBrusk, whose journey with the Bruins has been marked by challenges and triumphs, making him a coveted asset for the Flames.

The current NHL offseason is witnessing a surge of excitement, fueled by escalating trade speculations that are capturing the attention of the hockey community. The spotlight is squarely on the ongoing talks between the Calgary Flames and the Boston Bruins, as the Flames actively explore the possibility of striking a deal that could bring forward Jake DeBrusk onto their roster. DeBrusk’s tenure with the Bruins has been a mosaic of ups and downs, positioning him as a prized target in the Flames’ sights.

The Flames’ pursuit of DeBrusk is fueled by his knack for finding the back of the net, a skill that has seen him net an impressive 27 and 25 goals in the last two seasons. This remarkable goal-scoring ability has undoubtedly amplified the Flames’ determination to secure his talents.


While DeBrusk has navigated through both triumphs and tribulations, including clashes with former coach Bruce Cassidy and even a trade request, his recent resurgence has been nothing short of remarkable. In the previous season, he accumulated a noteworthy 50 points, blending 27 goals with 23 assists over a span of 64 games. This resurgence has reignited discussions surrounding the kind of impact he could wield on the ice.

An intriguing trade scenario looms on the horizon, centering on the Flames’ enthusiastic pursuit of DeBrusk. Under the potential terms of this deal, the Flames are reportedly considering the inclusion of center Mikael Backlund, coupled with a mid-round draft pick, as part of the offer to entice the Bruins. Backlund, at the age of 34, made waves in the previous season by achieving personal milestones with 19 goals and 56 points in an impressive 82-game span.

As trade talks continue to gather steam, the hockey world stands poised to witness whether this prospective exchange will materialize and what impact it could have on the forthcoming season for both the Flames and the Bruins. The outcome holds the potential to reshape team dynamics and reinvigorate their performance on the ice.