Burning Body Ending Explained!


The story of Rosa and Albert is told in the Netflix original movie “Burning Body,” whose lives are drastically altered after Rosa’s boyfriend Pedro’s body is found.

As part of their investigation into the crime, the detectives look into Rosa and Pedro’s relationship as well as Rosa’s past, specifically her long-standing relationship with Albert. Everyone is left perplexed as a web of lies and secrets begins to surface.

With each new episode, the programme gradually reveals the truth of Pedro’s death. Numerous perspectives and testimonies are used to paint a confusing image of what transpired, but in the end, Rosa and Albert will choose whether the truth about that day will be revealed.



Burning Body Ending Explained

Ester is requested to tell the court what happened after Pedro passed away since Albert and Rosa’s evidence cannot be believed. Ester has evidence that Rosa and Albert planned to kill Pedro.

Rosa That day, Pedro and Sofa travelled to her parents’ home. On her way home, she had a quarrel with Pedro. Later, she contacted Albert to tell him she was going to kill her lover that evening.

On the day they planned to kill Pedro, Albert had bought a new phone with a number to carry to Rosa’s house. Nevertheless, he mistakenly grabbed his phone, and the authorities subsequently learned that Pedro’s death occurred when Rosa, Albert, and Pedro were present at Rosa’s home.

Rosa gave Pedro a medication. She requested Pedro to set rat traps, and he slept off in the basement. Pedro’s blood was found on the bulb and the cellar floor, and Ester thinks he was killed with a blunt object.

Albert had purchased a new phone with a number to bring to Rosa’s house on the day they intended to murder Pedro. However, he accidentally snatched his phone, and the police later discovered that Pedro died when Rosa, Albert, and Pedro were all present at Rosa’s house.

Pedro received medicine from Rosa. Pedro slept in the basement while she asked him to put rat traps. Ester believes Pedro was murdered with a blunt instrument since blood from his body was found on the cellar floor and on the bulb.

The jury deliberates for a while before finding Rosa and Albert guilty of premeditated murder. Albert receives a 20-year sentence while Rosa is given a 25-year prison term.

The Supreme Court then dismissed the appeals that Rosa and Albert had submitted. Rosa’s sentence was allegedly lengthened by five years by the Supreme Court as a result of her marriage to Pedro. By 2042, Rosa will have served out her term.

Sofia, Rosa’s daughter, pays her a visit in jail. She has become a little older and exudes attitude. Rosa tries to speak with her, but it’s difficult. Her daughter is advised to exercise caution.

Why has Sofia not seen her in three years? Sofia queries her mother. Rosa states that she felt ashamed of herself. She promises to see each other soon and claims that her trial was a complete failure, therefore she anticipates an appeal. Rosa suppresses her feelings while Sofia displays scepticism. Rosa, on the other hand, is still certain about being innocent. Rosa tears as she makes her way back to her cell.