BTS’s Park Jimin sets fashion goals at Lady Dior event in Seoul

K-Pop sensation Jimin wows with timeless style and edgy leather trench coat


In the glitzy world of fashion, K-pop sensation and member of the iconic Bangtan Boys, Park Jimin, has once again captured the spotlight with his sartorial prowess. At the Lady Dior Celebration Exhibition in Seoul, South Korea, Jimin’s charismatic presence and impeccable fashion sense left millions of admirers swooning.

Breaking the internet with viral pictures and videos, Jimin’s ensemble was a masterclass in blending classic and contemporary styles. Clad in a leather trench coat, he radiated an aura of timeless fashion, inspiring menswear enthusiasts to push the boundaries of their own style.

Jimin’s look showcased a dynamic fusion of edgy streetwear and high-end designer pieces, offering a fresh take on urban chic. His attire played with textures, colors, and silhouettes, all elegantly wrapped in English tones. A crisp white shirt, neatly tucked into grey pants, served as the canvas for Jimin’s fashion masterpiece.


One of the standout accessories was a silver necklace delicately draped around the shirt’s collar, a subtle yet impactful detail that had the BTS ARMY in a frenzy. Layered over this ensemble was a knee-length trench coat in a striking beige hue. The coat appeared to be crafted from synthetic leather or faux leather, embracing avant-garde design elements.

Ditching the traditional conventions of leather trench coats, Jimin’s version featured zipped sleeves, creating a captivating cape-like effect. The design was a bold departure from the double-breasted fronts, belted waists, shoulder epaulets, and notched collars commonly associated with trench coats.

Jimin’s choice of black boots and a mid-parted hairstyle perfectly complemented his classic yet contemporary look. His outfit skillfully combined the sophistication of a traditional trench coat with the edginess of leather, resulting in a head-turning ensemble that encapsulated the essence of modern fashion.

While leather trench coats are typically crafted from genuine leather, sourced from various animal hides, Jimin’s choice to opt for synthetic or faux leather added an element of sustainability to his style. These coats come in a spectrum of colors, from dark reds to metallics, making them versatile pieces suitable for a variety of occasions.

Leather trench coats, designed for transitional weather, offer moderate warmth and can be layered with sweaters or linings for colder seasons. They effortlessly transition from everyday wear to formal events, showcasing their adaptability and timeless appeal.

Jimin’s fashion statement at the Lady Dior event not only delighted fans but also reinforced his status as a global style icon. His ability to seamlessly blend classic and modern elements serves as an inspiration for fashion enthusiasts worldwide, proving that the world of fashion has a new main character.