BTS’ Jungkook Unveils Fresh Persona in Captivating Video for GOLDEN


BTS’ Jungkook created a wave of excitement among fans with the surprise release of a mesmerizing series titled “GOLDEN’ Reels Exclusive Series” on November 23, KST. These captivating reels offer a peek into tracks from his highly anticipated debut solo album, GOLDEN, sparking speculations among fans about potential unreleased music videos.

The first reel features the track “Closer To You,” with Jungkook’s soulful vocals setting a poignant tone. The monochrome video showcases Jungkook lost in contemplation while holding a bouquet. As he ascends a staircase, the reel concludes with the words “Something In The Air Tonight” displayed on the screen, hinting at a meticulously crafted visual narrative.

In the second reel highlighting “Yes Or No,” Jungkook is seen clutching another bouquet outside a theatre, anxiously waiting. Lyrics like “Tell Me Do You Feel It Too?” resonate, adding a dramatic touch as the person he anticipates fails to appear. The reel ends with a poignant moment of Jungkook dropping the bouquet, intensifying the emotional depth of the storyline.


The third reel titled “I’ll be the same..,” accompanies the song “Please Don’t Change.” Jungkook is shown in a phone booth, attempting to connect with someone significant to him. Despite persistent efforts, the person remains elusive, visibly leaving Jungkook disheartened. The video culminates with the heartfelt plea “Please Don’t Change” displayed on the screens.

Fans have intricately connected these reels, perceiving them as a sequential narrative depicting Jungkook’s journey through excitement, disappointment, and heartache. Each reel unfolds a segment of the story, building anticipation for potential future releases or music videos.

In addition to the enthralling reels, Jungkook recently achieved a remarkable milestone. His song “SEVEN” received Silver certification from the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) in the UK. This achievement solidifies his position as the first solo Korean artist in nearly a decade to attain such recognition, placing him alongside PSY and marking a significant milestone in his solo career.

As fans eagerly anticipate more reels and possible releases from Jungkook’s solo ventures, these exclusive glimpses into his artistry have left the ARMY captivated and eager for more. The ongoing individual successes of BTS members continue to shape and redefine the global landscape of K-pop.