BTS’ Jimin Treats Fans with Behind-the-Scenes Glimpse of ‘ThisIsJimin’ Series


Despite BTS members being away for their mandatory military duties, devoted fans vigilantly track updates about their lives through social media. Recently, Jimin, a prominent BTS member, joined the military, but he didn’t let this transition hinder his connection with the ARMY. In a delightful gesture, he surprised fans with a new song and offered a glimpse into its creation through a behind-the-scenes video. Adding to the excitement, fellow bandmate V, known as Kim Taehyung, made a special appearance in this footage.

BIGHIT MUSIC unveiled an exclusive behind-the-scenes video on December 23, 2023, showcasing Jimin’s dedicated efforts in creating content for ARMY members before his military departure. Titled ‘A Gift for ARMY,’ the approximately 30-minute video showcases Jimin’s dance video shoot, featuring tracks like DJ Khaled’s “I DID IT,” Dominic Fike and Kenny Beats’ “Phone Numbers,” and Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande’s “Stuck With You,” previously released as #ThisIsJimin.

The footage also captures Jimin rehearsing the choreography for his latest single, “Closer Than This.” In a heartfelt gesture, he used colored pens to adorn the studio mirror with graffiti as a personal message for ARMY members. Notably, the video took an unexpected turn as V joined Jimin for the final stages of filming the “Closer Than This” dance video, surprising both Jimin and fans alike.


Notably, Jimin’s “Closer Than This” made an impressive impact upon its release. It swiftly ascended to the top spot on the iTunes Top Songs charts in over 90 regions, including the United States, Japan, France, and Germany. Additionally, the song secured positions on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart and European iTunes Song Chart, while its music video rapidly became the #1 trending MV on YouTube worldwide. Furthermore, “Closer Than This” also claimed the No. 1 position on Bugs’ real-time chart, solidifying Jimin’s widespread success with this latest release.