Brave Heart: Rangers’ Nathaniel Lowe Takes the Field in World Series While Mother Wendy Battles Brain Cancer!


October holds a unique significance for Nathaniel Lowe, one that surpasses the thrill of playing in a World Series or contending for a championship with the Texas Rangers. For Lowe, this month is intertwined with his mother Wendy’s courageous battle off the field.

The devastating diagnosis of glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer, was delivered earlier this year. The family’s world shifted dramatically in June, shortly after Nathaniel faced off against his younger brother Josh in the Rays-Rangers series. It was on the ride home that Wendy experienced her first seizure, leading to the discovery of a tumor in her brain.

The Lowe family chose to keep Wendy’s health condition private until the postseason began. As fate would have it, the Lowe brothers found themselves in yet another face-off, this time in the AL wild-card series. It was then that Josh decided to share the news of their mother’s cancer with the public.


Nathaniel Lowe’s perspective on life and baseball has been forever altered. He acknowledges that there’s a profound depth to life beyond the confines of the ballpark. In his own words, he emphasizes the importance of expressing gratitude to one’s mother, urging others to make that call and convey their thanks.

Rangers General Manager, Chris Young, empathizes with Lowe, having lost his own father during this same time of year eight years prior. He understands the emotional strain of competing while carrying the weight of a sick family member in one’s thoughts.

Wendy is currently undergoing an eight-week chemotherapy cycle. Regrettably, she hasn’t been able to attend any of her sons’ playoff games in person. Nevertheless, she wanted to convey her gratitude to the fans and express her hope that their journey can raise awareness about glioblastoma, thereby encouraging further research into this form of cancer.

After Texas secured its spot in the World Series, Nathaniel Lowe took a moment on the Fox Sports desk to send a heartfelt message to his mother. Overflowing with love and gratitude, he acknowledged that his journey to this point was made possible by her unwavering support. He pledged to give their all in pursuit of victory, knowing that she yearned for them to triumph in it all.