Bradley Cooper Expresses Readiness for ‘The Hangover Part IV’ at a Moment’s Notice


Bradley Cooper, known for his recent serious roles, hinted at a possible return to his comedic roots during a discussion on The New Yorker Radio Hour while promoting his film, Maestro. Despite taking on more weighty roles, Cooper expressed his willingness to jump back into the comedic sphere, specifically mentioning his fondness for the Hangover franchise.

“I would probably do Hangover IV in an instant,” Cooper confessed, expressing his admiration for the film’s director Todd Phillips and co-stars Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms. However, he acknowledged, “I don’t think Todd is ever going to do that.”

Although Cooper hasn’t been involved in lighthearted roles lately, he emphasized that his current endeavors in filmmaking have been immensely rewarding. He highlighted that he finds working on heavier movies, such as Maestro and A Star is Born, to be incredibly fulfilling and enjoyable, contrary to the notion that such projects might be exhausting.


“There’s nothing more fun that I’ve experienced than Maestro and A Star is Born,” Cooper shared, underscoring his enthusiasm for these recent projects. “I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t.”

In Maestro, Cooper serves as director, co-writer, and star opposite Carey Mulligan, portraying the renowned composer Leonard Bernstein, while Mulligan plays his wife, Felicia Montealegre Cohn Bernstein.

Rather than following the typical biopic structure, Maestro delves into the intricacies of Leonard and Felicia’s complex 30-year relationship. It chronicles their connection from their chance meeting at a 1946 party through two engagements and three children, revealing the depth of their bond.

Mulligan, describing the couple’s relationship, highlighted the profound connection they shared, likening it to a dance through their exchanges of anecdotes. She also shed light on Felicia’s perspective, explaining that while she tolerated Leonard’s affairs with men to a certain extent, her real anguish stemmed from feeling someone else intrude into the intimate space she held for him as the person who truly understood him.

Maestro is currently playing in theaters and is set to debut on Netflix on December 20, promising an exploration of an unconventional yet captivating relationship in the life of the legendary composer Leonard Bernstein.