Bomb found in train at Karachi’s Cantt railway station, defused


The Sindh Counter Terrorism Department has foiled a terror attack at the main railway station of Pakistan’s biggest city Karachi when a time bomb was found in a train. Asad Raza, DIG Operations CTD, said that on Friday they found an IED device in a bag which was placed under a seat of the Peshawar Express from Peshawar which had just reached the Karachi Cantt Station.

Raza said that the bag was found on Friday at 9:15 pm. The bag contained a “time bomb attached to a battery, wire and switches”. “A vigilant security guard while observing the embarking of passengers noticed a bag lying under a seat. He immediately informed the CTD and Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS),” Raza said.

The senior official said the BDS found an IED device bomb with a watch timer attached to it and the bomb was then taken and diffused through two controlled blasts. “There was at least two kilograms of explosive material in the IED device which weighed five kilograms,” he added.


Dozens of passenger and cargo trains come and go at the busy Cantt station daily from the five functional platforms. The DIG said it appeared that someone left the bag there and disappeared.