Bollywood actress Shabana Azmi targeted by Cyber Impersonators


In the wake of escalating cyber threats, veteran actress Shabana Azmi has fallen prey to a disturbing incident of cyber impersonation. Azmi took to Twitter to alert her followers about phishing attempts aimed at impersonating her. The situation was brought to light by her associate, who conveyed that the actress is in the process of filing a police complaint to address the issue.

The notice issued by Shabana Azmi underscored the gravity of the matter, stating, “We have received reports that some of our colleagues and associates have been receiving messages claiming to be from Ms. Shabana Azmi. These are clear ‘phishing’ attempts, urging the recipients to make purchases on the App Store for the messenger.” The statement also cautioned against engaging with any messages or calls purporting to be from her, emphasizing the need for vigilance in the digital landscape.

Emphasizing the seriousness of the incident, the notification revealed that legal action is being taken against the cyber impersonators. The two reported numbers associated with the fraudulent messages were +66987577041 and +998917811a675.


Despite the cyber threat, Shabana Azmi’s impactful presence continues to be felt in the entertainment industry. Her recent appearance in Karan Johar’s directorial venture “Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani,” alongside Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh, showcased her enduring on-screen prowess and chemistry with co-stars. As cyber impersonation becomes increasingly prevalent, the incident involving Azmi serves as a stark reminder of the need for heightened digital security awareness and proactive measures against cybercrime.