Bloober Team, Developer of Silent Hill 2 Remake, Unveils Exciting New Game Project


Bloober Team, the acclaimed Polish game developer renowned for their psychological horror titles, including Layers of Fear, Observer, Layers of Fear 2, Blair Witch, and The Medium, is embarking on a new venture in collaboration with Skybound Entertainment, the multimedia company co-founded by Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead.

This collaborative effort, codenamed Project R, marks Bloober Team’s departure from exclusively crafting psychological horror experiences. Despite their upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake, slated to be their final psychological horror project, the studio is undergoing a transformation, aiming to pivot towards what they refer to as “mass-market horror.”

Project R, commencing with Skybound, has sparked significant curiosity within the gaming community, especially considering the companies’ established expertise in storytelling and horror genres. Although little has been disclosed about Project R, Bloober Team’s President Piotr Babieno hinted at leveraging their expertise in horror for this collaboration.


The announcement suggests a licensing and publishing agreement, implying that the upcoming game might not be an original IP. Speculation among enthusiasts surmises potential ties to The Walking Dead franchise due to Skybound’s involvement and Bloober Team’s strategic shift towards mass-market horror.

The Walking Dead franchise has seen various attempts at video game adaptations, with Telltale’s narrative-driven series standing out as one of the most successful. However, recent attempts such as The Walking Dead: Destinies faced criticism, becoming a social media meme due to perceived issues. Similarly, The Walking Dead: Betrayal ceased development and was removed from Steam shortly after its release.

With Bloober Team’s history of crafting atmospheric and immersive experiences, the collaboration with Skybound for Project R raises expectations that this endeavor might signal a fresh, captivating take on The Walking Dead universe in the gaming sphere. Fans anticipate whether Bloober Team’s vision for “mass-market horror” could potentially rival the impact and storytelling prowess of Telltale’s adaptations within the beloved zombie franchise.