Black Doves: Who has joined the cast alongside Keira Knightley?


The highly anticipated spy series “Black Doves” has finally unveiled new updates, promising an enthralling viewing experience with a star-studded cast.

Produced by Sister, known for their acclaimed work on series like “Chernobyl,” “Black Doves” is written by Joe Barton, the mastermind behind “Giri/Haji.” The plot unfolds during Christmas in London, centering around Helen Webb, a politician’s wife, devoted mother, and covert operative for the shadowy organization known as the Black Doves. When her lover Jason is assassinated, Helen’s life takes a dramatic turn, leading her to seek refuge with her old friend Sam Young. Together, they embark on a mission to unravel the mystery behind Jason’s death, uncovering a sprawling conspiracy that connects the seedy underbelly of London to a looming geopolitical crisis.

Keira Knightley takes on the role of Helen, a woman of hidden identity, entangled in a passionate affair. Joining her are esteemed actors Ben Whishaw as Sam and Sarah Lancashire as Reed, Helen’s enigmatic spymaster.


New additions to the cast include Andrew Buchan, Omari Douglas, Andrew Koji, Kathryn Hunter, Sam Troughton, Ella Lily Hyland, Adam Silver, Ken Nwosu, and Gabrielle Creevy, enhancing the ensemble for this six-part series.

Joe Barton, the scriptwriter and founder of Noisy Bear, expressed his excitement about seeing his vision come to life. The series is a joint production between Noisy Bear and Sister, with Jane Featherstone and Chris Fry executive producing for Sister alongside Barton.

Directed by Alex Gabassi and Lisa Gunning, “Black Doves” promises to be a gripping addition to Netflix’s lineup. Though an official release date is yet to be announced, fans can anticipate its premiere sometime in 2024, once the production concludes. The series is part of Netflix’s increased investment in U.K. productions, reinforcing the strength and growth of the British creative industries.