Binance former CEO requested U.S. court to allow to leave America ahead of sentencing


Chanpeng Zhao, the founder and former CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Binance, has asked the judge to grant him permission to leave the United States.

Zhao’s lawyers have urged the U.S. District Judge Richard Jones in Seattle to reject the Justice Department’s (DOJ) request to bar him from returning home to the United Arab Emirates until he is sentenced.

The crypto founder stepped down from his post after he failed to prevent money laundering on his firm’s platform.


In a filing Thursday, the lawyers pointed out that Zhao voluntarily flew to the U.S. to appear before a court on November 21 and has accepted responsibility, and pleaded guilty.

The crypto company has also agreed to pay a sum of $4 billion, which will be the largest penalty in U.S. history.

His lawyers are asking the court to allow him to return to his part and their three children while sentencing is pending.