Billy Porter and Adam Smith’s Divorce Unfolds with Unexpected Complications


In the year 2023, a streak of high-profile celebrity breakups swept through Hollywood, leaving established couples like Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness, and even Billy Porter and Adam Smith parting ways. Unfortunately, the split between Billy Porter and Adam Smith has proven to be more tumultuous than initially anticipated.

According to reports from People, Porter and Smith initially met in 2009, experiencing a short-lived romance that ended within a couple of months. Despite this, they rekindled their relationship five years later, disregarding past warning signs. Their second shot at love progressed swiftly, leading to a proposal by Porter in 2016 and their marriage just sixteen days after the engagement in a small Manhattan ceremony. Smith, at the time, expressed immense joy, describing marrying the person he loved as an extraordinary feeling. However, their marital bliss didn’t endure.

After six years of marriage, the couple made the difficult decision to part ways. In a joint statement to People, they conveyed that their separation was mutual and amicable, emphasizing their ongoing love and support for each other in the upcoming phase of their lives. Nevertheless, what started as an agreeable split took a turn for the messy in their divorce proceedings.


The former partners engaged in a heated dispute over the custody of their shared pet, Lola, a mini cockapoo. Reports surfaced of Porter claiming Smith was denying him access to the dog, while Smith argued that Lola belonged to him as a gift from Porter. The disagreement escalated when Porter asserted that Lola was a “marital asset,” leading to allegations from Smith’s side that Porter was unfit to care for the dog due to alleged drug use and a partying lifestyle. A contentious back-and-forth ensued until they eventually agreed on supervised “daytime visits” for Porter to see Lola.

Previously, Lola had been a regular feature on Porter’s social media, with the actor sharing photos and expressing affection for the pet. However, the absence of recent updates regarding Lola became clearer amid the ongoing custody dispute.

Despite the challenges stemming from the divorce, Billy Porter remained optimistic about the future. In August 2023, before the conflict over Lola, he spoke kindly of his ex, acknowledging the difficulties in relationships but expressing gratitude for the experiences. Porter revealed his readiness to move on and find new love, humorously stating his quest for an “English huzzzband.” Subsequently, he confirmed his status as a single man open to new relationships, emphasizing that potential suitors would need to make the first move.

Meanwhile, Adam Smith has maintained a lower profile post-split, leaving uncertainties about whether he’s seeking a new relationship or waiting until the messy divorce proceedings conclude.