Bill Barr hits back at Donald Trump citing his lack of verbal skills


Bill Barr, who has been a frequent target of Donald Trump’s rhetorical attaks, fired back on Friday by mocking the former president’s occasional lack of coherence.

During an event at The University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics, Barr stated, “His verbal skills are limited.”

The moderator reffered to some recent tirades faced by Trump and asked Barr, if he was “losing it.”


Citing Trump’s lack of verbal dexterity, he said, “If you get him away from ‘very, very, very’ … you know, the adjectives … they’re unfamiliar to him and they sort of spill out, and he goes too far.”

Criticising the former president further, Barr said that when it comes to speaking, he is not much disciplined.

Trump frequently attacks Barr for refusing to follow him through on his complaints regarding the voters fraud during the 2020 elections.

The former general attorney said that he did not act because Trump’s accusations had no merit.