Big Mouth Season 7 Release Date: When can we expect it to come back?


As millennials transition into their 30s, the entertainment industry is recognizing a universal truth: cartoons are not exclusive to children. In this transformative comedy series, the trials and tribulations of childhood take centre stage, yet the humour in Big Mouth transcends the ordinary. Through its whimsically odd original songs and relatable misadventures, the show deftly addresses the cringe-worthy and agonizing experiences of adolescence. It does so with a refreshing candour about anatomy, an emphasis on open communication, and a strong commitment to inclusivity. And let’s not forget the occasional, mildly unsettling visuals that depict the consequences of suppressing one’s emotions, akin to holding in a deep-seated truth.

With its rich tapestry of audaciously blunt yet educational content, Big Mouth has secured a seventh season renewal. For those seeking insightful lessons about life, love, navigating the plot, and getting to know the talented cast, our comprehensive guide below offers an accessible roadmap to the world of Big Mouth.


When Will Season 7 of Big Mouth Be Released?


Fans of the acclaimed animated series, Big Mouth, can mark their calendars for an eagerly anticipated event. Season 7 is poised to make its debut on October 20, 2023, promising another round of laughter, introspection, and coming-of-age hilarity. However, as the seventh season unfolds, a poignant reality looms on the horizon – the impending arrival of the eighth and final season, set for release in 2024.

This beloved show, which boasts an impressive 99% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. As the characters embark on their journey into high school, there’s a palpable sense of nostalgia and bittersweet anticipation among fans. The impending conclusion of the series is met with mixed emotions, as viewers bid farewell to characters who have become cherished companions over the seasons.


How Many Episodes Will Big Mouth Season 7 Have?

Throughout its history, the audacious series has adhered to a pattern of ten episodes per season. Notably, Season 3 deviated from this norm by treating fans to an additional episode in the form of a Valentine’s Day special. This charming detour followed the students and staff of Bridgeton Middle School as they navigated the trials and tribulations of the day of love, illuminating the clichéd yet endearing struggles of young romance.

As Season 7 looms on the horizon, it’s reasonable to anticipate a continuation of the traditional ten-episode format. However, ardent fans hold out hope that, as the series approaches its denouement, the creators might just surprise them with an extra special treat along the way. The prospect of an unexpected twist in the episode count is a tantalizing thought, adding an extra layer of excitement to the highly anticipated final seasons.