Biden trolls Trump as Democrats secure win in election night in key states


At a fundraising event in Chicago, on Thursday, President Joe Biden trolled the Republicans after Democrats secured several victories on election night.

Citing the wins in Kentucky, Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, Biden said, “Democrats had an incredible night once again,” touting his party for outperforming Republicans. He added that what happened on Tuesday was not unusual.

The president continued that Donald Trump should notes of the victories, saying, “We haven’t stopped winning, and he hasn’t stopped losing.”


The president referenced recent polling that places him narrowly training behind the former president, but reassured donors on Thursday that they are not screwing up by placing their support to his back.

In the Tuesday’s election, there were many closely watched races such as the Kentucky governor’s race. It was viewed as an example of how Democrats in the red state can fare – and how the upcoming election cycle may look for the left.