Biden touts aid negotiations for Gaza as he claims ‘Israel not responsible’ hospital attack


The U.S., Egypt have signed readiness for aid along with Israel to being moving into Gaza, following a high stakes visit by President Joe Biden to Israel. The slight ray of hope comes for the civilians of Gaza a day after the horrific hospital blast in the enclave that likely killed hundreds and infuriated the region.

Palestinian officials have blamed Israeli airstrike for the massive loss of life at Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in the middle of Gaza, but it has been claimed by the U.S. intelligence agency, on Wednesday, that Israel was not to be blamed for the attack.

The US National Security Council (NSC) said it had analyzed overhead imagery, intercepts and open source information. It found that “Israel is not responsible for the explosion at the hospital in Gaza yesterday,” stated Adrienne Watson, NSC spokesperson in a statement.


The evidence gathered by American intelligence community suggested that the rocket was fired by Palestinian Islamic Jihad group, a rival Islamist militant group to Hamas in Gaza, as the officials revealed to CNN. Earlier, Israel had also accused the same militant group for the attack. The officials had stated that the rocket was misfired by the rival militant group. The IDF also claimed to have “communications between terrorists” of rocket misfiring, which includes mentioning of hospital.