Biden teams says election nights wins shows victory for the 2024 elections


A sense of vindication swept though the White House and Biden campaign on Wednesday as Democrats’ strong showing in off-year elections, despite a slew of recent polls showing U.S. President Joe Biden’s popularity is low.

“Pollsters, pundits, if I had $1, for every time they’ve counted Joe Biden or the Democrats out, I probably wouldn’t have to work anymore,” said executive director of the Democratic National Committee, Sam Cornale, told Reuters. Democrats “won time and again, and we will next November,” he predicted.

The president faced challenges this week, some from his own party, about the wisdom of 2024 re-election bid after a series of weak polls. Some of the segments of the diverse Democratic coalition have lost faith in Biden due to his stance on Israel, lack of movement on climate change, and high prices.


On Sunday, a poll introduced by New York Times and Siena College showed the Democratic leader falling behind Republican frontrunner and former president Donald Trump in six key states. Reuters/Ipsos polls showed plunged in Biden’s popularity at 39%, its lowest since April.