Biden raises over $71 mn for re-election campaign


US President Joe Biden has raised more than $71 million for his re-election campaign in the third fundraising quarter of the year, outpacing his rival and predecessor President Donald Trump as well as the rest of the Republican primary. In a statement on Sunday, the President’s campaign said that his political operation with the Democratic National Committee ended the quarter with $91 million, CNN reported. But it stopped short of disclosing how the funds were divided between the campaign and the party committee.

Campaign co-chair Jeffrey Katzenberg told CNN on Sunday that the third quarter figure “exceeded the high-bar goals” the campaign set for the July to September period. “The momentum is continuing to build for him. As the stakes of the election are becoming clearer and the choice could not be more distinctive, the enthusiasm grows. All the money that has been raised and is continuing to be raised and the $91 million that is in the bank today, it’s all focused on November of 2024. All of our investment today is focused on those strategic, important places – states that are going to be where this race will be won or lost,” she told CNN. Biden’s latest fundraising figure is higher than that raised by the candidates in the Republican presidential primary, according to the amounts reported so far. Trump has topped that list, raking in more than $45.5 million last quarter for his campaign and associated committees, CNN reported. The former President’s campaign said his operation has $37.5 million on hand. Neither Trump nor his rivals for the Republican nomination are raising money jointly with the Republican National Committee.