Biden puts Israel’s request for aid on fast-track


The Biden’s administration is working to fulfill Israel’s request to urgently transfer weapons to Tel Aviv, according to a source familiar with the talks, a day after Hamas militants launched a surprise attack on the country, killing hundreds and abducting unknown number of civilians.

Israeli officials have asked the U.S. for specific weapons and the officials at the Washington are making that happen, as revealed by sources who requested to stay anonymous. However, citing security reasons, it was not revealed what those weapons were.

The weapons transfers could be a part of new package of assistance for Israel, as shared by Secretary of State Antony Blinken to CNN on Sunday morning.


“We are looking at specific additional requests that the Israelis have made. I think you’re likely to hear more about that later today,” Blinken told CNN.

Any additional requests made by Israel will run headlong into the dysfunction enveloping the House, which would need to approve extra funding. As former speaker Kevin McCarthy stated, “There is nothing the House can do until they elect a speaker, and I don’t know if that happens quickly.”