Biden hails productive talks with Xi as leaders reach agreements over fentanyl and military communication


U.S. President Joe Biden emerged confident post having four-hour long meeting with Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, on Wednesday, that the US – China relations are improving, touting agreements on curbing fentanyl production and restoring military communication, while still acknowledging that deep strains remain.

The president said that he and Xi have agreed to pickup calls and talk during their disagreement, and termed the talks “some of the most constructive and productive discussions we’ve had.”

Yet departing the summit following a news conference, Biden said he still considered Xi a dictator, despite the progress achieved from their meeting.


The results on fentanyl and military communication were expected ahead of the talk, and an amount of progress in improving the still tensed relations between Beijing and Washington.

During the press conference, summing up his approach towards the Chinese leader, Biden said as the old saying goes, “trust but verify.”

The primary goals of the meeting seems to be the restoration of channels of communication, principally through military, which is in an attempt to avoid any miscalculation of miscommunication, that could lead to an open conflict.