Biden faces more criticism for US-Mexico border wall; Immigration be his leading problem into 2024


The Biden administration this week took two decisions, which are viewed as moving to the rights on immigration.

The Department of Homeland Security waived environmental and other reviews to construct new portions of a border wall in South Texas despite of Biden pledging during the 2020 campaign that he won’t build “another foot” of wall. U.S. officials stated that not long after the administration increased protected status for thousands of people of Venezuela, deportations to the country resumed.

Both these moves stirred the conservatives and the liberals. While the Republicans accused Biden of being too late on following his predecessor and former president Donald Trump’s idea of wall on border, the liberal slammed him for going against his campaign pledges.


“My frustration has been that we are not addressing immigration in a holistic way as a country. We are depending on the president alone,” stated Rep. Veronica Escobar of Texas, a Democrat who represents the border city of El Paso. She added that the people with different nationalities are being treated in a different way. Moreover, the pathways that has been created are being challenged in the court consistently.