Biden confirms Americans among the dead and hostages in conflict between Israel and Hamas


Biden confirmed on Tuesday that Americans are among the hostages being held as hostages in Gaza post Hamas’ militant’s terror attack in Israel over the weekend. He delivered an emotional and angry speech wherein he made clear of his expectations of forceful reprisal by Israel.

The President delivered a vivid description of the atrocities carried out by the militants saying they had “massacred” and “butchered” innocent people. The known number of Americans being killed in the conflict has reach 14, confirms Biden.

He termed the terror attacks as “abhorrent” and compared it to ISIS. “The brutality of Hamas’ bloodthirstiness brings to mind the worst rampages of ISIS,” said Biden.


The 10-minute speech was designed to ensure there is daylight for both U.S. and Israel during the time of deep crisis. The president made no equivocation about the attacks and no calls were for restraint by Israel. He did insists on following the rule of law.

Biden, who earlier had a call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, shared what his response would have been if the United States had been experiencing the terror attacks instead of Israel.

“I told him that… our response would be swift, decisive, and overwhelming,” Biden said from State Dining Room.