Biden calls Palestine’s Mahmoud Abbas and Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu to showcase U.S. support


President Joe Biden stressed continued U.S. support for Israel but at the same time acknowledged the need of humanitarian aid in Palestine on Saturday in calls with leader of Israel and Palestine, the White House said.

In his first call with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas since Hamas’ attack on Israel, Biden assured his full support for “urgently needed humanitarian assistance to Palestinian people, especially in Gaza.”

In a statement by the White House, it was said that president has been in touch with its partners to ensure that the conflict doesn’t widen up on multiple fronts.


The White House said that Biden promised U.S. unwavering support for Israel to PM Benjamin Netanyahu, since the beginning of the war, as the two have been talking over call regularly. The statement mentioned that Biden repeated his warning to Israeli leader on any effort to broaden the conflict.

The president also discussed U.S. coordination with the UN and regional countries for humanitarian aid for civilians.