Biden approves Hamas’ elimination but urges Israel to not reoccupy Gaza Strip


Israel must eliminate Hamas militant group, but reoccupying Gaza Strip would be a “big mistake,” says U.S. President Joe Biden in an interview released on Sunday, as Israeli military prepare for ground invasion into Gaza.

Speaking to CBS news program “60 Minutes”, Biden while ensuring that Israeli military will try to ensure minimal civilian casualties, he pressed the point that a path should remain toward Palestinian statehood, a day after Israel issue notice to more than 1 million Palestinians to evacuate for the southern half.

Israel has vowed to “demolish Hamas” in reaction to the group’s attack on October 7, which killed more than 1,300 Israeli civilians and have also abducted at least 155 people were taken hostage to Gaza. Among the victims, includes men, women, and dozens of children. Reportedly, there were incidents where victims were either raped or mutilated, and torture of children.


Israel has retaliated with heavy air strikes and the authorities in Gaza has said that at least 2,600 Palestinians have died. Israel has stated that it has targeted terrorist infrastructure and all the areas where Hamas operates or hides out.