Bianca Censori’s Look-Alike Sisters That You Probably Didn’t Know About!


Bianca Censori, who has gained attention due to her romantic link with Kanye “Ye” West, has two sisters: Alyssia Censori and Angelina Censori. Here are some details about Bianca’s sisters:

Alyssia is a nurse and is known to have a son named Leandro and a dog named Charlie. While she has maintained a private Instagram account, not much is publicly known about her personal life. She appears to be supportive of her sister Bianca and her relationship with Kanye West. Angelina is believed to be the younger of the two sisters and is reported to be pursuing a career in modeling. Her exact age hasn’t been disclosed, but it’s known that she attended her high school prom in May 2021. Like Alyssia, Angelina keeps her personal life private, and her Instagram account is also set to private.


The Censori sisters hail from an affluent background, having grown up in Ivanhoe, a wealthy suburb of Melbourne. The family later moved to Alphington, where they reside in a $2.8 million house. Their mother, Alexandra Censori, still lives in Alphington.

In addition to details about the sisters, there have been reports about the family’s history. Bianca Censori’s father, Elia ‘Leo’ Censori, reportedly received a five-year prison sentence in 1982 after being convicted of heroin possession. He was said to have accumulated a significant amount of money through illegal gambling. Leo’s brother, Eris Censori, was infamous as a gang killer known as “Melbourne’s Al Capone.”

While Alyssia and Angelina have mostly kept out of the public eye, they have expressed their support and happiness for their sister Bianca and her relationship with Kanye West. Following a low-key wedding ceremony in January (though not legally binding at the time), Angelina shared that it was exciting news for their family but preferred to keep some privacy. Similarly, Alyssia conveyed that the family is “super happy” for both Bianca and Kanye West.

In June 2023, Bianca introduced Kanye West to her parents during a trip to Tokyo, with Angelina also accompanying them on the trip.

These details provide a glimpse into the lives of Alyssia and Angelina Censori, who have largely remained private despite their sister’s high-profile relationship.