Bethenny Frankel’s Decision to Forgo Marriage with Fiancé Paul Bernon Revealed!


Bethenny Frankel, the accomplished entrepreneur, has found love in her fiancé Paul Bernon. Their journey began in 2018 when they connected through a dating app. Despite a brief split in October 2020, they rekindled their relationship, and by March 2021, news of their engagement spread.

In June, Bethenny shared a heartwarming account of the proposal on Instagram, describing a beautifully private beachside dinner that felt like a scene from “The Bachelor.” She expressed immense gratitude for Paul’s presence in her and her daughter Bryn’s lives, highlighting his loving, generous, and kind nature.

However, due to her tumultuous past with her ex-husband Jason Hoppy, Bethenny remains hesitant about formalizing her relationship with Paul in marriage. Her marriage to Hoppy, which began in 2010, ended in a toxic split just two years later. The divorce process dragged on for eight years, marked by legal battles and allegations of harassment and stalking.


Bethenny’s difficult divorce undoubtedly shaped her perspective on marriage. She stated in a 2015 interview that she would never legally marry again, emphasizing her belief in love and long-term commitment without the need for a formal marriage contract. To her, marriage felt like an inescapable commitment, akin to the Hotel California.

In a recent interview in June 2023, Bethenny revealed that she has no plans to organize a wedding. Her focus is on the love she and Paul share and the strong foundation of their relationship. She explained that she doesn’t feel the need for a marital contract to validate their love. Bethenny is resolute in living life on her terms, rather than succumbing to societal expectations.

Despite her reservations about marriage, Bethenny’s affection for Paul is evident. In a heartfelt Instagram post in July, she celebrated their journey, expressing deep admiration for him as a kind, smart, and funny partner. Their love story, she noted, is a modern fairytale written on their own terms.