Bethenny Frankel Playfully Critiques Kim Kardashian’s Christmas Decor: ‘Some of Your Best Work


RHONY star Bethenny Frankel engaged in some lighthearted holiday banter, poking fun at Kim Kardashian’s lavish snow-covered Christmas decorations just before Christmas Eve. Frankel, 53, shared a snowy scene from her holiday retreat in Aspen, Colorado, in a video on her Instagram. With a playful tone, she teased viewers, jokingly claiming she was in Kim Kardashian’s living room and sarcastically praising her for the impressive decorations, adding, “This looks really good, Kim. Honestly, it’s some of your best work. Happy holidays!”

However, Frankel’s attempt at humor seemed to divide opinions among social media users. Her video, captioned, “No one does holiday decorations like the Kardashians… Happy Holidays!” received mixed reactions, with some defending Kim Kardashian and advising Frankel to refrain from criticism. Comments ranged from advising her to focus on her own choices to accusations of sourness for not being invited.

In response to the mixed reactions, Bethenny Frankel clarified in the comments section that her intention was humor, not shade. Some users supported her, acknowledging the light-hearted nature of her joke, while urging others to have a sense of humor.


Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian’s holiday decor once again captured attention for its opulence. Showcasing her $60 million Los Angeles property transformed into a winter wonderland, Kardashian shared glimpses on Instagram. Snow-covered trees adorned the hallways, adding to the festive ambiance, and she personalized her presents by wrapping them in Skims fabric. Not stopping there, she arranged for a piano player to serenade the home with Christmas tunes each morning, further elevating the holiday spirit.