Beth Dutton in Yellowstone explained!


One of the most well-known characters in the Taylor Sheridan series is the Dutton daughter, who draws attention to herself and her unrepentant personality. She might be a bit much at times, but Beth always puts her father first.

But it could be difficult for some to truly comprehend Beth in Yellowstone given the five seasons’ worth of character development and background. There is a lot to digest when it comes to the most wicked character in the finest TV show, even if she and her Yellowstone co-star Kelly Reilly have been on screen since the first Yellowstone series began.

Everything you need to know about the Dutton child is included in this article, from her personality to her employment and interpersonal interactions. This is Beth Dutton’s description, so do as she does and sit back, take a whisky and pick up a cigarette.



Who is Beth Dutton?

The only child of Yellowstone founder John Dutton, Beth Dutton serves as the character’s right-hand man throughout the whole series.

Of all the Dutton kids, Beth Dutton works the hardest to gain her father’s love. She already knows she is the strongest of her siblings, so she doesn’t need to prove it.

With a drink in hand and a cigarette dangling from her lips, Beth may frequently be seen roaming around the ranch (sometimes while not completely dressed). She has a bad tongue, is opinionated, and is often cynical and offensive.

Beth is prepared to do whatever to support her father in upholding their family tradition, even though she doesn’t always appear to enjoy the land in all of its glory (it takes her a few seasons to warm up to the glorious nature of it all).

Beth joins John Dutton’s staff as his consignee and serves as his most trusted adviser after Lee Dutton, the eldest Dutton son, was slain early in season one. She does, however, occasionally allow her anger issues and strong ideas to get the best of her, and she and John have frequently had to argue.

Beth’s early life was drastically altered when she saw her mother, Evelyn, die after being run over by her horse. Insisting that Beth’s horse’s spook was “Beth’s own doing” after it happened, Beth’s mother left Beth with anguish and shame for the remainder of her adult life.

Beth was a rebellious teenager when she was in her twenties. She flirted with the ranch hands and utilised her burgeoning femininity to achieve what she desired. The two would get attracted to one another and start dating until a young orphaned Rip Wheeler showed up on their property.

Young Beth begged her elder brother Jamie to assist her in getting an abortion when she found out she was pregnant. In order to keep the secret from getting out and bringing attention to their family, Jamie drove her to the Broken Rock Indian Health Services facility.

He chose to withhold such information from her after learning that sterilisation was one of the requirements for abortion on the reserve. Beth doesn’t learn the truth until much later, and she has a ferocious anger towards Jamie for the rest of her life.

Beth Dutton explained: Kelly Reilly as Beth and Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton

Over time, Beth developed an even greater hatred for Jamie and did all in her ability to destroy his life, including threatening to kill him. Other than that, Beth appears to get along well enough with her younger brother Kayce and is shown showing warmth and support for his wife, Monica. (Or, at least, her interpretation of those things.)

Beth has a strong bond with her father and exhibits intense emotion if John is in peril or is unwell. She also supports his political run and really thinks that he would be a better leader for Montana and the Duttons.

Beth relocated from Montana to Salt Lake City to work for the mergers and acquisitions company Schwartz & Meyer. She repeatedly defeats mature men in the boardroom, demonstrating her prowess in the position. Only the most powerful of adversaries could defeat her since she is not hesitant to lay all of her cards on the table.

When landowners seek to build plots on the Yellowstone property at the beginning of the series, Beth returns to her house to work from the ranch in order to support her father. She remains behind when Lee passes away to use her legal expertise for her family’s advantage.

Beth would then work at Market Equities, continuing to be the crafty serpent that she is. This was undoubtedly a tactical move because Caroline Warner, the CEO, is one of the several Yellowstone rivals that her family must contend with. Beth travelled out to Salt Lake City, dismissed her previous employer Bob Schwartz (with whom she parted ways) immediately, and transferred all operations to Montana when Bob Schwartz sold his firm to Market Equities.

When they were both adolescents and Rip had just arrived on the Dutton’s ranch, Beth and Rip started dating. Although Beth frequently mistreated Rip, she finally saw why and began to change her attitude. As teenagers, the two went on a date, but Rip broke things up after she overtly flirted with the other guys. The two got to know one another a bit better as they got older.

Rip and Beth were created to be together. She keeps him on his toes while he brings her back to earth. Their relationship isn’t completely public in the beginning. On the ranch’s grounds, though, the two finally were married after becoming well-known.

Rip is aware of Beth’s infertility but is not aware of the abortion she had when she was younger. However, Rip is content with just the two of them and doesn’t mind this. Carter is a young, orphaned troublemaker whom Beth invites to live on the ranch once she discovers him. Later on, Carter replaces the younger Rip and takes over as the youngest ranch hand.

Although she initially treats him like a pretend toddler, Beth ultimately learns to keep a distance from him. She reprimands him when he refers to her as “mama,” believing that parenthood will always be out of her grasp.