Below Deck’s Captain Jason Chambers and Aesha Scott: Why Romance Isn’t in the Cards


When Bravo unveiled its new “Below Deck” spinoff, “Below Deck Down Under,” featuring Captain Jason Chambers in 2022, fans were thrilled. Chambers, the youngest captain in “Below Deck” history, instantly captivated audiences, crew members, and charter guests with not only his maritime prowess but also his charming appearance, earning him the moniker “Captain Cutie.” While the stewardesses swooned over his good looks, the chief stew Aesha Scott felt a more platonic connection with her boss.

Describing their dynamic, Scott shared insights on their relationship, stating, “We had this vibe where it was like he was the captain, but I was in charge of the interior, and we were, like, this friendship that just supported each other, really.” Despite working closely for two seasons and forming a close bond, Scott clarified that her relationship with Chambers leaned more towards a sibling-like affection rather than a romantic one.

While fans often speculate about a potential romance between Scott and Chambers, the reality differs from the ship’s quarters. Scott debunked any romantic notions during BravoCon 2023, affirming that Chambers is akin to a “brother” to her. She emphasized her platonic feelings, stating, “I don’t look at him and my panties start to drop. I’m just like, ‘Hey, bro.'” Currently committed to her boyfriend, Scotty Dobson, she assured fans that even if she were single, romance with Chambers would be off the table, reiterating, “I’ve not once felt attracted to him.”


Chambers, a supportive figure, showed his support for Scott’s relationship by orchestrating a surprise visit from Dobson during the show’s second season. The heartwarming gesture strengthened Scott’s connection to her personal life amidst the demanding work schedule. Now deeply in love herself, Scott hopes for Chambers to find his soulmate and settle down.

Acknowledging Chambers’ appeal, Scott revealed that he had some connections and interactions post-BravoCon 2022. While she didn’t disclose specifics, Scott mentioned that Chambers had engaged with a few individuals but emphasized her desire for him to find a partner, highlighting his devotion as a father and a genuinely good man.

Furthermore, shedding light on Chambers’ apparent struggle with contacts, Scott humorously noted his difficulty with inserting them during their time on the show. Addressing this on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” she playfully remarked, “Well, I don’t know if it’s gross, but I think everyone can see he’s a grown man and he doesn’t know how to put contacts in.” Chambers, in his defense, mentioned his struggles with the process, admitting his challenges with the left one and its costliness.

As Scott playfully chided Chambers on his contact lens ordeal, it became evident that his future partner might need to assist him in mastering this particular skill.