Beloved internet sensation Cheems Balltze, famous for cheeseburger-loving memes, passes away at 12

Internet mourns the loss of Cheems Balltze, the Shiba Inu who stole hearts worldwide


Cheems Balltze, the adorable Shiba Inu whose infectious smile and love for cheeseburgers made him an internet sensation, has passed away after a brief battle with cancer. The 12-year-old dog, also known affectionately as Ball Ball, captured the hearts of millions through his joyful demeanor and iconic memes.

Cheems’ owner, Kathy, shared the sad news of his passing on Instagram. After undergoing thoracentesis surgery, Cheems never regained consciousness, leaving his owner and fans heartbroken. Kathy revealed that Cheems was set to undergo further treatment for his cancer, but fate had a different plan.

Hailing from Hong Kong, Cheems became an internet star in 2017 when an Instagram user commented that he resembled cheese. This lighthearted observation led to his stage name “Cheems” or “Cheemsburger,” solidifying his status as a beloved online personality. Kathy had been sharing pictures of Cheems on Instagram since 2015 to capture his various moods and share his delightful presence with the world.


One of Cheems’ most iconic contributions to internet culture was the “Swole Doge vs. Cheems” meme, depicting a massively muscular dog next to a smaller, meek dog—symbolic of contrasts. This meme became a viral sensation, further cementing Cheems’ place in internet history.

Kathy courageously chronicled Cheems’ battle with cancer on Instagram, beginning with the diagnosis announcement in May. Throughout the journey, she expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming support from followers. Kathy hoped that even in his final days, Cheems could continue bringing joy to people around the world.

In her heartfelt post announcing Cheems’ passing, Kathy encouraged fans not to grieve but to remember the happiness and positivity that Cheems brought to their lives. She expressed her belief that Cheems was now enjoying a peaceful existence among the stars, accompanied by delicious treats and newfound friends.

The internet community mourns the loss of Cheems Balltze, who brought smiles to countless faces during difficult times. His joyful spirit and endearing antics will forever be etched in the hearts of those who had the pleasure of encountering his online presence. As the digital world reflects on his legacy, Cheems’ memory will continue to inspire happiness and remind us of the pure and unconditional love shared between humans and their furry companions.