Behind the Scenes: The Relationship Between Reba McEntire and Gwen Stefani from The Voice


As is often the case with television personalities, rumors of feuds between judges or co-stars on competition shows can quickly grab attention. In the case of Reba McEntire and Gwen Stefani on “The Voice,” initial reports suggested tension between the two judges. However, it seems those rumors were more speculative than factual.

Initially, there were reports indicating potential friction between McEntire and Stefani. Some sources hinted at Gwen Stefani feeling overshadowed by McEntire’s strong personality during filming for “The Voice.” Speculation suggested that Stefani might have been uncomfortable with McEntire’s outgoing nature and was hoping for more of her own spotlight on the show.

Additionally, given Stefani’s past relationship with Blake Shelton, who was a longtime judge on “The Voice” and a good friend of McEntire’s, there were suggestions that Stefani might have felt uneasy about any potential conflict. However, despite these rumors, there was no concrete evidence or confirmation of a feud between McEntire and Stefani.


Contrary to the speculation, both McEntire and Stefani have spoken positively about their working relationship. McEntire admitted to having initially found Stefani intimidating but later realized Stefani wanted her approval. As a result, their dynamic shifted, leading them to become close friends rather than adversaries. Stefani herself expressed admiration and disbelief at being on the same panel as the iconic Reba McEntire, indicating a positive relationship between the two judges.

Therefore, while initial rumors hinted at friction, it appears that McEntire and Stefani have developed a strong and friendly bond, dispelling any rumors of a feud between them on “The Voice.”