Frasier: Creators Confess Show Relies on Fictional Tales!


If, like many of us, you’ve been eagerly awaiting the return of Frasier in its rebooted series, brace yourself for a surprising revelation. No need to panic – the show hasn’t been axed. However, it appears that the original series was steeped in a web of untruths and illusions.

The initial run of Frasier catapulted it into the ranks of the finest comedy series in television history. Frasier Crane, a character originally conceived for the hit show Cheers, kept audiences entertained for a remarkable 11 seasons with his razor-sharp wit and uncanny knack for stumbling into the most absurd predicaments.

Now, he’s poised for a comeback with the impending release of the Frasier reboot. But here’s the kicker: we’ve recently discovered that one of the most beloved ’90s TV shows was constructed upon a foundation of falsehoods, and one of the masterminds behind Frasier has openly acknowledged it.


In an interview with Metro, executive producer Joe Keenan delved into the intricacies of the show and unveiled a few inconsistencies regarding the authenticity of Frasier’s life.

“We believed that Frasier raked in substantial earnings from his private practice in Boston, coupled with astute investments. The concept of a local radio personality’s salary might have been slightly exaggerated. On the flip side, when you contrasted Niles and his opulent abode with Maris – that grandiose mansion they resided in – Frasier’s apartment didn’t seem all that… His dining room could barely accommodate four people,” Keenan remarked.

“The vista of the Seattle Space Needle was the epitome of luxury. Without that view, the apartment might not have seemed quite as extraordinary. It was taken from an angle where there isn’t a building,” he added.

As depicted in the floor plan above, Frasier’s sprawling apartment defies all logical sense. I mean, how many bathrooms does a bachelor pad truly require? It’s no surprise that this isn’t an actual building when you take into account the actual layout.

So, while we may hold Frasier in high regard as one of the greatest TV series ever crafted, it appears we were beguiled by the opulence and grandeur of Frasier Crane’s world. Nevertheless, we’re more than willing to overlook it all if the reboot lives up to our lofty expectations.