Behati Prinsloo spills the details over her third birthing experience, also reveals baby’s gender


Behati Prinsloo opens up about her third birthing experience.

The model joined actress Sarah Wright Olsen and Teresa Palmer on their podcast The Mother Daze this week to discuss the births of her children – daughter Gio Grace, and Dusty Rose. She also talked about her and her husband’s third child, who was born his past January.

As she talked about the “bliss” and “pain” she went through while giving birth to a third child, she revealed that she has welcomed a son with her husband, Adam Levine, whom, according to her, cut the cord after the baby was born.


She said that the family had moved to Santa Barabara, California, and her son arrived 10 days past the due date.

The model detailed that she and her Maroon 5 husband rushed to the hospital as soon as the contractions began, where she opted not to have epidural or a water birth.

She continued by sharing the “rollercoaster” of emotions that accompanied her third childbirth experience, as well as reveal that they’d welcomed a son by referring to the baby as “he.”

She told Wright Olsen and Palmer that while pushing “I was exhausted, but … I was in this state of bliss but also insane pain and bliss a nd pain and bliss, and I was fighting this… rollercoaster of feelings and pain… levels.”