Battlefield 2042 Reveals Update 7.0.1 Patch Notes


Electronic Arts has rolled out Battlefield 2042 update 7.0.1, addressing player feedback and issues stemming from the previous update. Scheduled for deployment on April 2nd, this minor update aims to rectify various issues encountered following the release of update 7.0.0, without necessitating any downtime.

Battlefield 2042, developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts, thrusts players into a near-future world marred by climate disasters, offering intense multiplayer battles with up to 128 players on next-gen consoles and PC. Set across diverse environments, the game emphasizes strategic teamwork and boasts an array of futuristic weaponry, vehicles, and gadgets.

The latest update, 7.0.1, brings several key fixes and improvements to the battlefield. Notably, it addresses issues causing misaligned aim-down-sight states for weapons like the Avancys and AK-24 when multiple weapon cosmetics with iron sights are used. Furthermore, fixes are implemented for issues related to the Laser Sight Underbarrel Attachment icon and incorrect unlock criteria display for certain weapons. Adjustments have also been made to crosshair sizing for resolutions larger than 1080p, ensuring appropriate scaling.

Spawning issues causing players to deploy into objects or geometry on Rush, Conquest, and Breakthrough have been resolved, alongside the restoration of vehicles like the MV-38 Condor and Mi-240 Super Hind within Breakthrough mode. Visual indicators, such as the dotted line indicator when aiming down sights with the Predator SRAW, have been corrected as well.

However, the patch does not address the infamous Battlefield 2042 glitch that causes weapons to spin around when fired. Developers have expressed gratitude for the community’s patience and feedback, particularly regarding recent Weapon Recoil adjustments. Further balancing improvements are in the pipeline, with most expected to arrive in update 7.1.0, also set for release on April 2nd.

Despite recent excitement surrounding the announcement of two new maps in Season 7, some fans were disappointed by the revelation that Stadium, one of the new maps, is essentially a smaller section of a previously existing map, Hourglass. This has fueled discussions among Battlefield 2042 players about the game’s map variety and post-launch content approach.

As Battlefield 2042 continues to evolve, updates like 7.0.1 demonstrate the developers’ commitment to addressing player feedback and enhancing the overall gaming experience. With ongoing improvements and new content on the horizon, players can look forward to diving back into the fray with renewed enthusiasm.


Battlefield 2042 Update 7.0.1 Patch Notes


  • Fixed a series of issues that resulted in the Avancys having a misaligned aim down sight state when using multiple weapon cosmetics with iron sights.
  • Fixed some issues where the AK-24 had a misaligned Iron Sight on a range of weapon cosmetics.
  • Fixed an issue where the Laser Sight Underbarrel Attachment icon would switch off when Aiming Down Sights.
  • Fixed an issue which resulted in the unlock criteria for the AK 5C and SCZ-3 being incorrectly displayed.
  • The crosshair will now be appropriately sized when using resolutions larger than 1080p. Previously, crosshairs, especially for shotguns, were too large when viewed on higher resolutions.
  • Fixed several spawning issues which resulted in the player deploying into some objects or geometry on Rush, Conquest and Breakthrough.
  • The MV-38 Condor and Mi-240 Super Hind will now be present within Breakthrough, as intended.
  • The Predator SRAW will now correctly display a dotted line indicator when Aiming Down Sights.