Battlefield 2042 Addressing XP Exploit in One of Its Less Popular Modes!


DICE, the developer behind Battlefield 2042, is implementing some temporary adjustments to the Hazard Zone mode in response to unusual player activity. This move comes nearly two weeks after the game set a new record with over 101,000 concurrent players.

Hazard Zone is one of Battlefield 2042’s multiplayer modes, featuring a unique blend of PvPvE elements combined with search-and-extract gameplay. Effective squad tactics are crucial as players face off against AI-based enemies and rival squads, all vying to secure data drives for dark market credits.

Recently, DICE announced a temporary reduction in the amount of XP attainable in Hazard Zone. This reduction applies to various actions, including collecting Data Drives, reviving teammates, and receiving revives. These adjustments are solely focused on Hazard Zone.


While DICE has not provided specific details about the changes, speculation on Reddit centers around the XP gain nerf. The official statement cites “unusual player activity” as the reason behind these adjustments, with some users suspecting potential exploits or boosting methods. There have been reports of players coordinating to repeatedly kill and revive each other while collecting drives, resulting in an influx of XP.

These changes coincide with a surge in Battlefield 2042’s popularity, particularly around the launch of Season 6: Dark Creations on October 10. The game saw a significant uptick in player count, with over 81,842 concurrent players on Steam during a free-to-play weekend, partly fueled by an 84% sale for the game.

It’s important to note that these adjustments in Hazard Zone are temporary. DICE intends to provide additional information on this alteration at a later date. In the meantime, Hazard Zone enthusiasts can explore the other game modes available. Season 6 of Battlefield 2042 continues to offer a wealth of content for players to enjoy.