Baloch National Movement reiterates call for freedom on International Human Rights Day


The Baloch National Movement held a seminar in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on the occasion of International Human Rights Day to highlight the ongoing crisis in Balochistan and reiterated the call for freedom from illegal occupation. The seminar was attended by members of the Baloch National Movement and the Baloch community along with other human rights activists. A video documentary was played at the beginning of the seminar about the ongoing human rights violations in Balochistan by the Pakistani forces.

Chairman of the Baloch National Movement Naseem Baloch has said that the Baloch people are struggling for their freedom and sovereignty. The Balochs have been subject to inhuman treatment for many decades. He said that the current Baloch struggle and continued protests by families of Baloch abducted people are a sign of bravery and resistance against systematic oppression and violence. Applauding the struggle of Baloch women, Naseem mentioned that today we see many young Baloch female activists and leaders who are leading the Baloch nation on the ground and bravely continuing the political resistance of Balochistan.

Naseem urged the Baloch nation to stand up against the illegal occupation of Balochistan and resist for their freedom. Without freedom, it will not be possible to achieve peace or to secure the human rights of the Baloch people. Naseem Baloch said we are a generation living in a time when the Baloch nation is facing an inhumane enemy who does not respect any international law. An enemy who hates the Baloch nation so much that they even destroy the bodies of previously abducted persons in bomb attacks.


Naseem said that it is the responsibility of the Baloch diaspora to sense the miseries of our people even more and focus on the consistent struggle and not just be participants or spectators, but someone who should be remembered in the books of history as an individual and collectively who stood up against injustice, suppression and slavery and continued to struggle for the freedom of Balochistan.

Speaking at the seminar, Italian journalist and author Francisco Marino said that there is a genocide going on in Balochistan. She said: “You name a violation of human rights and you will find that violation happening in Balochistan by the Pakistani forces.” Pakistani political scientist and author Ayesha Siddique said: “The Pakistani forces have been continuously violating the human rights of Baloch people. And now it has reached other parts of Pakistan as well. She also asserted that: “The awareness needs to be raised globally about the Balochistan conflict and the Baloch must target a broader audience so more people will understand and stand together with Balochistan.”

Speaking at the conference in Pakistan, advocate and senior politician Afrasyab Khattak said that the issue of Baloch missing persons is concerning. The secret services and military establishment have adopted a policy of targeting Baloch youth by abducting them from university campuses, torturing them and then executing them in fake encounters. And if one missing person is produced before the court or has been released, then four other people are abducted at the same time. Vice president of the BNM Germany chapter Samul Baloch has said that every human being deserves to have human rights irrespective of their identity, religion, beliefs and political views. Baloch nation has been denied their basic human rights; they have been facing the worst violence at the hands of the Pakistani forces.