Baldur’s Gate 3 Player Shares Hilarious Mishap Involving Runepowder


In Baldur’s Gate 3, the Underdark serves as a challenging and treasure-filled realm, offering adventurers a myriad of opportunities and dangers. Among its many perils lies an infamous encounter involving a highly volatile substance called runepowder, which has become a notorious threat, especially in Honour Mode playthroughs.

Philomeen, a gnome guarding a barrel brimming with dangerously explosive runepowder, stands as a precarious obstacle. One wrong move or misstep in dealing with her or the barrel can lead to disastrous consequences, spelling doom for many unsuspecting adventurers in their Baldur’s Gate 3 journeys. However, the astute and daring can circumvent this peril by opting to steal the barrel from Philomeen, not only neutralizing the threat she poses but also acquiring a potent explosive tool.

So runepowder is as powerful as they say
byu/Sen-Kanashimi inBaldursGate3


Although traditionally used to free True Soul Nere within Baldur’s Gate 3, this explosive resource isn’t exclusively limited to that purpose. One bold player, Sen-Kanashimi, attempted a novel strategy against the formidable Grym, an exceptionally resilient boss in the Underdark. Armed with the runepowder barrel, the player sought to vanquish Grym by placing the explosive within proximity of the boss and triggering its detonation. Alas, the explosive nature of the runepowder proved too unpredictable and disastrous, annihilating Sen-Kanashimi’s party but leaving Grym largely unfazed.

The unconventional approach taken by Sen-Kanashimi showcased innovative thinking, despite the failure of the strategy. While Baldur’s Gate 3 presents other opportunities where runepowder can be useful, it remains regrettable that such a substantial explosive force only made a minor impact against Grym, the seemingly invincible Eternal Protector of the Forge.

Players aiming to forge powerful Adamantine items in Baldur’s Gate 3 will likely need to resort to the conventional method of defeating Grym. While it’s possible to bypass the Underdark by traversing the Mountain Pass, experienced adventurers recommend exploring both zones beforehand. This exploration not only yields extra levels and valuable loot but also aids significantly in Act 2 when venturing into the perilous Shadow-Cursed Lands.