Baghdad condemns U.S. strike on Iraqi military; labels the act ‘hostile’


The United States ordered a retaliatory air strikes in Iraq after one way drone attack.

Iraq’s government condemned the attack by U.S. air strikes on Iraqi military positions that it said killed one serviceman and wounded 18 other people, calling them a ‘clear hostile act’.

U.S. carried out multiple air strikes on Monday in Iraq, a day after one-way drone attack, which was allegedly carried out by Iran-backed militants that left one U.S. service member in critical condition and wounded two others.


Condemning the U.S. airstrikes, Baghdad said it was “an unacceptable violation of Iraqi sovereignty” and stressed that the carried by armed groups against military bases hosting U.S.-led coaliton advisers are hostile acts and violate the sovereignty of Iraq.

Iraqi armed groups Kataib Hezbollah was targeted by the U.S. for airstrikes attack, said two Iraqi security sources, in the Iraq’s city of Hilla south of Baghdad.

The attack by U.S. killed one fighter from Kataib Hezbollah and injured 16 others, revealed the security sources, on condition of anonymity.