Bad News for Enthusiastic Stardew Valley and LEGO Fans


The news that the Stardew Valley LEGO Ideas project didn’t secure a spot among the chosen LEGO projects has brought disappointment to both Stardew Valley and LEGO enthusiasts. Despite significant support and a creative design, the LEGO Review Board opted not to greenlight the project for production.

The LEGO Ideas project centered around recreating the iconic Stardew Valley farmhouse in LEGO form. Crafted by a fan known as fourbrickstall, the concept aimed to capture the essence of the popular farming simulation game, allowing for interactive and customizable elements within the LEGO structure. Despite amassing over 10,000 supporters and even receiving encouragement from Stardew Valley’s creator, the project faced rejection during the LEGO Review Board’s evaluation.

The disappointment expressed by fourbrickstall has led them to consider their next steps. They are contemplating potential resubmission of the LEGO Stardew Valley farmhouse in future rounds of the LEGO Ideas program and seeking input from the community on how to navigate this setback. Discussions among fans highlighted the LEGO Review Board’s selections this year, which included the Twilight: Cullen House and the Botanical Garden projects, leading to various opinions on the selection process and the criteria used in decision-making.


The LEGO review process is a meticulous and lengthy evaluation conducted by the LEGO Review Board, composed of professionals from diverse fields. This process encompasses examining aspects like brand alignment, potential for licensing, production feasibility, and the quality of the build. Despite a project’s popularity and creativity, some well-crafted ideas inevitably face rejection due to various considerations and constraints.

This disappointment extends beyond Stardew Valley, as even the Taylor Swift Lover House failed to meet LEGO’s selection criteria despite the artist’s immense popularity. As disappointed fans contemplate their next steps, both LEGO and Stardew Valley continue to serve as platforms for showcasing fan-made creations and fostering player creativity, even if some projects don’t make it into official LEGO sets.