‘Attack on Titan’ age rating and parents guide!


“Attack on Titan” has garnered a wide audience, including both adults and children. However, it’s important for parents to consider the appropriate age for their child to watch this violent anime. This guide aims to provide parents with the information they need to make an informed decision.


What is the recommended age for watching Attack on Titan?

While there may be variations in rating systems across different countries and streaming platforms, the general consensus is that “Attack on Titan” is suitable for viewers aged 14 and above. In the United States, individual episodes carry ratings, with some being designated as TV-14, and others as TV-MA. Australia rates “Attack on Titan” as MA15+, while India rates some episodes as 13+ and others as 15+.

Ultimately, the decision of whether a child is ready to watch “Attack on Titan” lies with the parent or guardian. It’s important to understand what viewers can expect from this anime.


How much violence and gore is depicted in Attack on Titan?

The anime is known for its graphic portrayal of violence and gore. It follows the story of three young individuals after their village is attacked by Titans, gigantic humanoid creatures that consume humans. Death scenes are vividly gory and occur frequently throughout the series. Titans are shown biting off limbs or heads, with scenes depicting torn muscles, broken bones, and glimpses of internal organs. Due to the intense and graphic nature of these scenes, “Attack on Titan” is not recommended for young children or those with a sensitive stomach.


Is there sexual content and nudity in Attack on Titan?

While there are no explicit sex scenes in “Attack on Titan,” there are references to sexual themes, including topics like prostitution and sex trafficking, that come up in the series. Titans, though they are depicted nude, do not have genitalia or nipples. Some characters are shown nude from behind, but there is no frontal nudity in the series.


Does Attack on Titan contain strong language?

The series contains mild profanity. In the Japanese version, there are instances where characters use strong language, including the use of the f-word. The English dub, while not including the same level of profanity, does feature some less explicit language, such as “sht,” “son of a btch,” and “a*shole.”


Is Attack on Titan scary?

“Attack on Titan” can be genuinely frightening for some viewers. While there are no jump scares, the anime features many intense and suspenseful scenes that may potentially lead to nightmares. Additionally, the appearance of the Titans themselves can be quite unsettling, as some of them are designed to be particularly creepy-looking. The storyline also involves the frequent and sometimes distressing deaths of beloved teenage characters, which may be emotionally upsetting for some viewers.

Ultimately, the decision of whether your child is ready to handle “Attack on Titan” should be based on your own judgment