Athletes Challenge Norms: Colorful Uniforms Combat Period Anxiety


In a significant shift within women’s sports, athletes are challenging norms by ditching white shorts in favor of colored alternatives. This change, aimed at addressing period anxiety, signifies a broader movement to empower female athletes and enhance their comfort and confidence during their menstrual cycles.

The recent Women’s World Cup final showcased England’s soccer team sporting blue shorts instead of the traditional white. This trend has resonated globally, with teams like Canada, France, Nigeria, and South Korea making similar transitions. The shift goes beyond mere aesthetics; it aims to create an environment where female athletes can focus on their performance without added concerns.

The changing uniform colors are indicative of a broader transformation in women’s sports, where athletes are using their platforms to challenge established norms. The growing attention toward women’s sports has empowered players to speak out on issues that matter to them. This shift is exemplified by Ireland’s women’s rugby team adopting navy shorts and Wimbledon permitting dark-colored shorts under all-white attire.


Experts note that this shift reflects the increasing influence of women’s sports and athletes’ confidence in asserting their needs. Nicole Melton, an associate professor of sport management, suggests that the global spotlight on women’s soccer has enabled players to address pertinent issues. The move away from traditional norms, like white shorts, symbolizes women athletes’ determination to create an inclusive and comfortable playing environment.

As female athletes continue to make strides in various sports, the transition to colorful uniforms represents a larger movement to foster a supportive and empowering atmosphere for all participants. This change is not confined to attire; it extends to challenging practices related to training, pay, and representation. In this evolving landscape, athletes are driving positive transformations both on and off the field.