Assessing Seahawks’ Playoff Prospects: Updated NFC Wild-Card Chances Post Week 12 Loss to 49ers


The Seahawks, under Pete Carroll’s leadership, face a challenging path to secure an NFC playoff spot following consecutive losses, especially after being dominated by the 49ers in a crucial divisional matchup during Week 12. With the Seahawks dropping to a 6-5 record and the 49ers strengthening their position at 8-3, the NFC West title appears increasingly out of reach for Seattle, mirroring a similar situation to the 2022 season.

Analyzing the Seahawks’ playoff outlook and their potential for one of the last three NFC postseason berths reveals a current No. 7 seed standing. However, the Vikings, also at 6-5, possess a better conference record, nudging ahead of Seattle in playoff contention. Additionally, the Packers, who are 5-6, sit closely behind as the No. 8 seed, while the Rams, Falcons, and Buccaneers, at 4-6 before Week 12, remain in the mix, creating a competitive race for those playoff spots.

Examining the Seahawks’ remaining schedule paints a daunting picture. Their upcoming games include challenging matchups against formidable opponents like the Cowboys, 49ers, and Eagles, presenting a difficult road ahead. Although the final three games might offer winnable opportunities, clashes against tough teams like the Titans, Cardinals, and Steelers could make securing victories a considerable challenge. A 3-3 record seems optimistic given these circumstances.


Considering their updated playoff chances, the Seahawks are aiming to reach a 9-8 record, acknowledging that securing a wild-card spot seems to hover around a 50-50 likelihood. However, competing against teams with six losses, such as the Packers, for a coveted playoff berth demands either dominant performances or a strategic accumulation of wins. With limited favorable matchups in their remaining schedule, Seattle finds itself in a position where any further setbacks could significantly impact their playoff aspirations, leaving them with little room for error as the season progresses.