‘Assessing nature of these attacks’: Pentagon on if Iran linked with Hamas assault on Israel


The Pentagon on Thursday (local time) said that the United States is continuing to assess the nature of the Hamas attacks that took place in Israel on October 7 and added that at this point, the information on Iran’s link to it is not clear. “We’re continuing to assess the nature of these attacks, and that’s something that we will continue to look very closely…At this point, the information that we have does not show a direct connection to the Hamas attacks on October 7 as it relates to Iran…,” Pentagon Press Secretary Air Force Brigadier General Pat Ryder said in a press briefing on Thursday. “We do know, as you’ve heard others say, that Iran has a significant relationship with Hamas in terms of funding, training, and support and in that regard, they certainly bear some responsibility, but again, no direct linkage to these attacks. We’ll continue to keep an eye on that,” he added.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden reassured Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of the United States’ unwavering support for Israel. He emphasised the commitment to stand by Israel as it defends its citizens, particularly in the face of recent terrorist attacks by Hamas. “In the wake of Hamas appalling terror assaults, brutal, inhuman…I want you to know you are not alone,” Biden emphasised. “We will continue to have Israel’s back as you work to defend your people,” he added. The two leaders addressed a joint conference on Wednesday as Hamas continues with their brutal terror attacks.

In the wake of the Hamas attack on Israel, Israeli Ambassador to India, Naor Gilon said on Thursday that Iran was involved in the barbaric attack and claimed that Iran supported Hamas in terms of force building and training. “For us, it is very clear that Iran is involved. We are not sure about the planning, but sure about equipping them for a very long time with building the force and also training them,” he said.


He went on to mention the US-designated terror group Hezbollah, an Iran proxy in the north across the Lebanese border launched an attack on the northern Israel border and shared that the American carriers have been deployed to make sure that a second front cannot be opened in the region. Ambassador Gilon added, “In parallel, the Hezbollah, the Iran proxy in the north, Lebanon border, started harassing Israel there in order to threaten…infiltrations came in, Israel retaliated, for them they are contained. But, they are threatening to open a second front and that’s why the Americans have also moved two navy carriers into the eastern meditation to send a message to Iran-Hezbollah. We are concentrating on Gaza, bombings, big troops around.” Gilon also affirmed that the war result will mismatch any other action taken in past and reiterated the Israeli force’s claim that at the end of the war, Hamas won’t be left with any military capabilities.

“We know, this is unlike any other we had in the past. The end game here has to totally different from the past. We cannot have Hamas paying Gaza with the ability to do again an action like that. We have to make sure that this doesn’t happen again,” he added.