ASML Posts Strong 2023 Results, Forecasts Revenue Similar to 2023 Amid Semiconductor Export Challenges

Leading semiconductor equipment company ASML surpasses expectations for full-year 2023 but signals revenue consistency in 2024 amid ongoing export challenges and geopolitical tensions.


Semiconductor equipment manufacturer ASML has reported robust financial performance for the full year 2023, surpassing consensus estimates for net sales and net profit. However, the company foresees its revenue for 2024 to be similar to that of 2023, maintaining a cautious outlook amidst geopolitical uncertainties and semiconductor export challenges.

Financial Performance (2023):

– Net Sales: ASML’s net sales for 2023 amounted to €27.6 billion, representing a notable 30% year-on-year increase from €21.2 billion in the previous year.
– Exceeding Estimates: ASML outperformed consensus estimates, reporting net sales of €7.2 billion for the fourth quarter, exceeding the expected €6.9 billion.
– Net Profit: The company reported a net profit of €2.05 billion for the fourth quarter, surpassing the expected €1.86 billion.


Outlook for 2024:
– Revenue Forecast: ASML anticipates its revenue for 2024 to be on par with the figures from 2023, signaling a cautious and conservative approach for the upcoming year.
– Preparing for Growth: ASML CEO Peter Wennink emphasized 2024 as a pivotal year to prepare for significant growth expected in 2025.

Geopolitical Challenges:
– Export Challenges: ASML has been navigating challenges arising from geopolitical tensions and semiconductor export restrictions. The company has faced restrictions related to the export of advanced semiconductor equipment, particularly to China.
– Impact on China Sales: The company previously stated that export restrictions would impact 10% to 15% of its sales in China. ASML CFO Roger Dassen reiterated the expectation of a similar impact in 2024.

Export License Revocation:
– Recent Developments: The Dutch government, under U.S. pressure, partially revoked ASML’s license for the shipment of certain lithography systems to China. ASML does not expect to receive export licenses for more advanced machines.
– Key Systems: The NXT:2050i, NXT:2100i lithography systems, and the advanced extreme ultraviolet lithography machines have been affected.

Ongoing Challenges:
– Geopolitical Battle: ASML has been caught in the broader technology battle between the U.S. and China, facing export curbs and tightened controls on semiconductor equipment.

Revenue and License Impact:
– Export Restrictions: The company expects certain China chip manufacturing plants not to receive export licenses for specific tools. ASML’s top-end extreme ultraviolet lithography machines have never received an export license to China.

ASML’s Position:
– Leading Role: ASML holds a crucial position in the semiconductor industry, providing essential machinery required for the manufacturing of advanced chips.
– Global Impact: The company’s export challenges have broader implications for the semiconductor ecosystem and contribute to the ongoing global semiconductor supply chain dynamics.

ASML’s strong financial performance in 2023 underscores its significance in the semiconductor industry. While achieving remarkable revenue growth, the company remains cautious about the challenges posed by geopolitical tensions, export restrictions, and the impact on its sales in China, signaling a conservative outlook for 2024.