Arrival now streaming on Netflix!


Are you trying to choose the ideal movie to watch this weekend? So stop searching since Arrival is currently available to view on US Netflix. Whether or not you’ve seen it before, you just must see it while it’s available on the streaming site since it is unquestionably among the greatest science fiction films ever produced.

Arrival was filmmaker Denis Villeneuve’s first significant step into the sci-fi genre when movie came out in 2016, and he hasn’t looked back since. Villeneuve, who was once better recognised for producing some of the finest thriller films of the 2010s including Prisoners and Sicario, astonished the cinema industry with his magnificent depiction of an extraterrestrial movie. Instead than aliens destroying cities, Arrival is far more interested in how humanity interacts with the unknown. It is also a stunning film.

You may now see Arrival and decide for yourself if you reside in the US and have a Netflix membership that is active. When it comes to anything fresh on Netflix right now, Arrival is the cream of the crop, we swear.


Amy Adams plays Louise Banks, a professor of linguistics who is hired by the US army to converse with alien species known as “heptapods,” in the time travel movie (of sorts). Louise Banks is an expert in language acquisition. Louise explains to the world what these enigmatic aliens desire from Planet Earth with Ian Donnelly’s (Jeremy Renner) assistance while also discovering the true meaning of her own existence.

Warning: The movie Arrival will undoubtedly make you experience strong emotions and make you wonder about the purpose of humanity in the cosmos. However, it doesn’t hurt to think about the meaning of life occasionally, did it?

Villeneuve has taken on significant IPs and franchises like Blade Runner and Dune since the success of Arrival. Unfortunately, the release of Dune 2 has been postponed until next year, but we are confident that the wait will be worthwhile to see what Villeneuve has created next.