ARK: Survival Ascended Temporarily Suspends PvP Crossplay for Select Players


Studio Wildcard has recently faced challenges with the launch of ARK: Survival Ascended, the Unreal Engine 5 remake of the acclaimed ARK: Survival Evolved. While initially intended to support crossplay across platforms, the game has encountered severe issues related to cheating in PvP gameplay, leading to the temporary suspension of crossplay for Windows clients.

ARK: Survival Ascended made its debut on PC in October, with its Xbox release following on November 21, after a few delays. The developer, Studio Wildcard, had planned full crossplay capabilities among different versions, but due to rampant cheating concerns in PvP, this feature has been halted.

In an effort to address the prevalent cheating problems, Studio Wildcard has paused crossplay PvP functionality specifically for Windows clients. The affected server types include XX-PVP-THEISLAND, XX-PVP-SMALLTRIBES-THEISLAND, XX-PVP-MODDED-THEISLAND, and XX-PVP-ARKPOCALYPSE-THEISLAND. Windows players are temporarily unable to access these servers, whereas private servers and single-player modes remain unaffected.


Studio Wildcard has stressed the necessity of this decision to maintain the game’s integrity. Collaborating with Microsoft and Battleye, efforts are underway to implement robust anti-cheating solutions for PC players engaging in cross-platform PvP. Unfortunately, the developer hasn’t provided a specific timeline for resolving these issues, urging players to await further updates.

The action was prompted by widespread community complaints regarding rampant cheating in the PC version, revealing a current lack of effective anti-cheating measures within ARK: Survival Ascended’s PvP combat.

As of now, ARK: Survival Ascended is accessible on PC and Xbox Series X/S, with a PS5 release scheduled for early December. While the PS5 version’s launch is imminent, it’s unclear whether crossplay restrictions for Windows clients will persist once the game is available on the PlayStation platform, pending further information from Studio Wildcard following the game’s certification with Sony.